Newfound captures a dream to become first generation grape growers and wine producers.  This was the mission when founder Matt Naumann and wife Audra Chapman purchased a 40-acre ranch and small winery in the Sierra Foothills.  It is a journey of endless discovery; one in which we can work with varietals that inspire us and growers that share our convictions, while also laying the foundation for this grand mission on our ranch.

After 17 years of working for several of the industry’s top producers and traveling to wineries in all corners of the world, managing wine bars, wine lists, wine shops, fermentations, grapevines, cellar workers, vineyards, vineyard workers, winemakers, wine distributors, and wineries, nothing makes Matt happier then tending to the developing vineyard and winery at Newfound’s Sierra Foothills property.

Matt’s winemaking approach is minimalistic.  He’s moved by wines that contain a naturally rugged edge and is in a constant pursuit of pushing his winemaking limits. As it relates to his own wines, he’s firmly guided by the belief that less is always more.


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